About Erika

Hello everyone welcome to my BASIC ALTERNATIVES website.
Currently not far from retirement, dependent on social security for security! Not a heartwarming, thought but a motivator to constantly simplify, improve & move towards less waste more self-sufficiency.

I love gardening, cooking, living outdoors, traveling and experiencing life as best as possible. Long term goals would be to live off-grid, planting & growing my own Non-GMO food. Becoming self sufficient.

There are many recipes for food, sustainability, alternative dwellings solutions, products for protection, energy & natural inexpensive solutions for cleaner water, less waste living available everywhere. I feel the need to help people become self sufficient by sharing with others, ideas, suggestions, & solutions for working & living a less waste existence, more natural, for the sake of our earth & humanities good health.

My goal would be to share my findings through daily trial & error, research & experimentation of alternatives, for simpler stress free lifestyles. I believe in community & sharing of knowledge through the written word, videos & word of mouth. Promoting alternatives to the way we live, sharing products as solutions, ideas, recipes, & stories of other human’s successes & experiences.

Community of like minded humans can carve out a basic stress free lifestyle, living with nature, with less consumption & waste. Please assist me in the propagation of good will & simplified living by promoting & sharing with me.

All the best, Erika

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