Searching, locating and experimenting with alternative lifestyle products to minimize our pollution exposure, chemical detoxification, and seeking to say more “NO” to plastic waste.

I started one day at a time with my experiment and I was the only guinea pig involved. I began to not wash my hair daily and without over the counter, regular supermarket shampoo. Instantly my pocket book felt relief to the tune of $30.00 monthly savings. I stopped lugging large bottles of pure scented chemical home from the grocery store and reduced the amount of extra waste these bottles produced from just a household of two.

By association the tribe (the whole family) can see the improvements in various areas of this ‘becoming self sufficient’ craze! The monetary savings of course is felt and appreciated quite rapidly. What takes a bit longer to see and appreciate is the quality of hair texture, growth, cleanliness and continued attractiveness.

I was amazed that after six months my scalp and hair had adjusted on its own and with little effort on my part. It went through a few weeks of anxiety over should I make oil, do I have enough oily hair. It soon leveled out and became accostomed to being on its own with out the chemicals almost like it would feel to all of the sudden quit smoking. Ah! What a relief! I even had for the first time in my life long hair. My scalp and hair follicles became stronger and thicker. Incredibly I was able to style my hair in braids and pony tails.

Let me take this moment to notify you that “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” My list of new products for cleaning my hair became:

Normal Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil which can be found at this affiliate link: I continue to use this mix once or twice a week depending on how my scalp feels. I put a medium size amount of baking soda, possibly equivalent to 1/2 a cup in my hand, and add a few sprinkles of Tea Tree Oil in that. I get it lightly wet with water and place on my head gently working it into my scalp head. Upon distributing and rinsing it through all of my hair with additional water and gentle scalp massaging. On other showering days I’ll use plain old fashioned water.

For conditioning and styling my hair I used the Nature Republic 2 PCS Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, 92% Soothing and Moisture, 300ml, NS17-G which can be located here:

Not only is Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel a conditioner and styling gel for my hair it also conditions itchy scalp and helps calm dandruff scalp. The cooling sensation it provides is not only real for your scalp but also stress relieving for your mind as well.

Cool green gel that fills your senses with relaxation and a stress free experience

This product takes up space in my backpack because it is also a great moisturizer for skin, face legs and feet. An all over body moisturizer for dry itchy skin not to mention a sun burn relief gel with soothing capabilities. Its fits with my simple lifestyle helping me to promote a less waste, non GMO, non chemical beauty routine and well body care.

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