Living Alternative Lifestyles

Beginning with a need to change lifestyles or just contemplating different forms of living. I have been the seeker of other ways to make a living and live a different lifestyle. Returning to nature and assisting others in finding self-sustainability as individuals and communities.

Ever feel like packing your backpack and hitting the road? A steady income is my main party disaster! Can we survive while searching for that simplified existence? While transitioning we still need an income.

There are many different options for living a self-sustainability lifestyle and I hope to one day be able to cover all of them. Keeping in mind we will need food, water and personal necessities taken care of, a roof over our head every night, even if that be a tent. If you were just an adventurer and wanted to experience life in another part of the world while living your calling. Not owning a lot of baggage would be ideal. If you needed a certain amount of money monthly then that would be another subject needing attention.

In my personal search I came across a workaway site that can assist, would be adventurers, to have a alternative lifestyle experience while often learning a new activity and way of life. Amazing many come with a wage, bedding and meals provided. This would not only be wonderful for single individuals needing to fulfill their lives with knowledge and first hand life changing experiences but also for retirees with good health and wealth, senior citizens on a budget as well. Seeking to supplement their income with a different lifestyle. Options for becoming self sufficient.

Possibly the most difficult and largest expense for many of us is the home dwelling. Where are we going to lay our hat every night to replenish our body and soul. Spend relax time with our loved ones or our pets. These are all considerations for choosing alternative lifestyles. Often ignored is the practice of bartering and exchanging skill sets for income and self-sustainability lifestyles. Knowledge and experience gained from living with other cultures and customs could prove to be relaxing and profitable. Future lifestyles and income possibilities widen when you can apply custom ideas to life’s oldest dilemmas. You might use what you learn in future projects such as restaurant, hospitality business, resort and massage, organic food resort, well being facilities, and farm living. Helping people to become self sufficient and providing good will for all.

Organic, Woman, Board, Farm, Food

We will continue to explore this option and all it’s advantages, as well as other alternatives as well. In the mean time feel free to adventure at the workaway site where you can find various insights and ideas for alternative living lifestyles.

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Simple Lifestyle – Returning to Self-Sustainability

Once upon a time, in the olden days, people were capable of growing and raising their own food, fabricating their clothing, bedding, jewelry, make up, perfume, medication, and even dinnerware. Self sustainability seems to be lost in today’s modern world. With the fast pace of life in this new technology driven world we are trading convenience for good health and a healthy earth. We will have only ourselves to blame for the elimination of wildlife, forests, clean oceans usable soil, breathable air and clean water.

Time to be Simple

Assessment of your current lifestyle now is where we should begin. What? Can we change, stop doing or begin doing to change our lifestyle to one of simplicity and self-sustainability. Is walking or riding a bike to work a possibility? Learning to cook from scratch instead of those TV dinners and radiation microwave ovens, would improve our health. When you make the time to simplify your life, your lifestyle becomes simpler, your health improves. The savings it would add to your pocket as well would help in saving for that special event or item you really need. Imagine a slimmer you as you transition away from junk food, tons of sugar, soda pops and pizza! Yummy pizza, we can all learn to make our own.

Self-Sustaining means Less Waste

If we were to pause a moment and think about all the garbage we generate in one day, we would have nightmares. Where does it all go, how is it gotten rid of? Out of sight out of mind, but we need solutions for a healthier earth today. If you were to commit to purchasing your clothing vintage or second hand, this alone would stop the pollution of soil, air, and water. You would be assisting in reducing the 85% of landfill waste by fashion industries, by 1%, YOU. Changing our habits now can ensure a cleaner earth for generations to come.

Healthy Questions – Healthy Choices

Do I want better health? Do I want to improve my lifestyle and the health of the planet? There are many questions to ask ones’ self if we are to obtain the simpler lifestyle of self sustainability. The ultimate goal is to make our life simpler in the long run by downsizing, recycling, and reducing waste. Choosing quality products, natural products for home, self and our surroundings will benefit not only ourselves but our earth. When others see your changes and your progress they will also begin to ask questions and question their lifestyle. To create a significant change within our lifestyle and assist others to build communities of like minded individuals.

Finding Solutions for Total Change

Some of us sometimes need a little push into reality. Unfortunate events do take place, many displaced persons have had to survive losing it all and realizing we really do not need that much to be happy. We can change, thankfully, it has been suggested that we need 30 days of continuance to change a habit. Everywhere available to us is better constructed, long lasting, self-reliant making products to help have a path less polluting. So much stuff, that keeps you warm and dry, shoes that are water proof. New solar panels for home construction, herb lore, and its benefits. Luckily, the advanced tools and abounding knowledge available to make it happen is here with us now. Producing your own with your efforts and creative mind, be it a simple garment to the right herbal tea for a tummy ache. As we return to a more natural lifestyle we will be more in tune with nature and the natural cycle of life.

Going Self-Sustaining

Probably the most amazing advantage of being a self-sustaining person, is the time gained! In my mind, I would see time for other pursuits. Just as we busy ourselves with working, shopping for dinner, making dinner, eating, watching TV, sleeping and up again for the same thing. Our time with nature growing and raising our own food supply, making our own tonics, lotions and potions, will provide more for us with less stress.We can have a very rich lifestyle going forward with more time. Depending on the family size the new lifestyle can be perfect for minimalist, adventure seeking, travel loving families and individuals. We have a lot to learn from our ancestors even now in the middle of all this technology.

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About Erika

Hello everyone welcome to my BASIC ALTERNATIVES website.
Currently not far from retirement, dependent on social security for security! Not a heartwarming, thought but a motivator to constantly simplify, improve & move towards less waste more self-sufficiency.

I love gardening, cooking, living outdoors, traveling and experiencing life as best as possible. Long term goals would be to live off-grid, planting & growing my own Non-GMO food. Becoming self sufficient.

There are many recipes for food, sustainability, alternative dwellings solutions, products for protection, energy & natural inexpensive solutions for cleaner water, less waste living available everywhere. I feel the need to help people become self sufficient by sharing with others, ideas, suggestions, & solutions for working & living a less waste existence, more natural, for the sake of our earth & humanities good health.

My goal would be to share my findings through daily trial & error, research & experimentation of alternatives, for simpler stress free lifestyles. I believe in community & sharing of knowledge through the written word, videos & word of mouth. Promoting alternatives to the way we live, sharing products as solutions, ideas, recipes, & stories of other human’s successes & experiences.

Community of like minded humans can carve out a basic stress free lifestyle, living with nature, with less consumption & waste. Please assist me in the propagation of good will & simplified living by promoting & sharing with me.

All the best, Erika

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